Meet the new Google Pixel Buds

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Made by Google

Made by Google

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With custom-designed speakers, Google Pixel Buds bring you brilliant sound for your favorite music, podcasts, radio and more. Adaptive Sound intelligently adjusts the volume of what you’re listening to, so you don’t have to constantly raise or lower the volume as you move from the quiet of your home to a subway or a loud cafe.
If you’re on a call or a meeting, no problem. Beamforming mics focus on your voice, while voice accelerometers detect your speech through the vibrations of your jawbone, so a noisy street or windy day won’t get in the way of your conversation.
When you need help on the go, just say “Hey Google,” and ask the Assistant for whatever you need - turn up the volume, send a quick text, get directions, or even understand another language with Google Translate.
Clearly White is available now, starting in the US.
Shop now at the Google Store:
This device may not be sold or otherwise distributed until required legal authorizations have been obtained.
Adaptive Sound feature requires a device running Android 6.0 or newer to enable.
Google Assistant requires an Assistant-enabled Android 6.0+ device, Google Account, and an internet connection.
Real time translation requires a device running Android 6.0 or newer and an internet connection. For available languages go to .

تعليقات: 4 239
ifaz ahmed
ifaz ahmed 2 سنوات قبل
If it doesn't put disco lights on my face then I'm not buying it.
greenman18 9 أشهر قبل
ZaneWP سنوات قبل
@Adithya Sundar whoooooooooooooooooooooooooosh
DIO سنوات قبل
graves 2 سنوات قبل
Real time translations that’s absolutely crazyyyy
SARIN سنوات قبل
No wonderful i always have the Idea
mark kudryashka
mark kudryashka سنوات قبل
yeah man
Anuraag Rapaka
Anuraag Rapaka سنوات قبل
hope that translation doesnt go too wrong and destroy human relations
amin سنوات قبل
@Ayush Gautam Yeag
Ayush Gautam
Ayush Gautam سنوات قبل
Works on offline ???
Amish5924 2 سنوات قبل
Google : Mentos Apple : Toothbrush Samsung : Beans
Double Scarf Studios
Double Scarf Studios 11 أشهر قبل
Copied comment
Jay69 سنوات قبل
@RedX Yeet It was copied
Night BoT
Night BoT سنوات قبل
GLHRM Ag سنوات قبل
@Night BoT NO.
Huebman سنوات قبل
Anomoibuds: Alien
Alex 2 سنوات قبل
Idk if anyone realized but in the beginning, he grabbed the Pixel bud on the left, and put it in his right ear ONE YEAR LATER EDIT: I realized this months ago but I decided to share it with y'all now. So he grabs the left earbud with his left hand, and presumably puts it in his ear. That's the part where the next scene starts. In the next scene, he is holding the right earbud with his right hand, do most likely it was a time skip. I had this feeling that someone is going to notice and my reply section would blow up so I decided to just tell everyone this.
Slick 64
Slick 64 سنوات قبل
I am the 1000th like
Mariposa سنوات قبل
@Madey A shut the mouth up- HAHSHHAHSHAHAH sorry
Jay Kumar
Jay Kumar سنوات قبل
Mariposa سنوات قبل
The angle of the camera could've changed.
Persason 2 سنوات قبل
Pretty steep price there! The audio must be superb to be worth the price tag. I fail to see how these earbuds differentiate themselves from other brands. Even apple did that by adding active noise cancellation to their product which could justify their price.
Gaming Trigger
Gaming Trigger 2 سنوات قبل
Apple: *Puts tic-tacs in people’s ears* Google: *puts in mentos*
PC_PRO أشهر قبل
No Apple: Puts Diet Coke Google: Puts Mentos
Gigachad 2 أشهر قبل
Shut up, Our design is truly beautiful and no one can judge it.
Puja Sahu
Puja Sahu سنوات قبل
I have airpods no I meant tic tacs
Super Saiyan Mario
Super Saiyan Mario سنوات قبل
And LG: puts cookies in everyone's ears
Willow سنوات قبل
Lmao so true😂
Frank 2 سنوات قبل
Se ven increíbles me encanta Google 💙❤️💛💙💚❤️
Dostee Hemin
Dostee Hemin 2 سنوات قبل
Wow Google just WOW! This looks incredible! Great job to all of you at Google!!!
Barbara T
Barbara T 2 سنوات قبل
Really hope Google gets it right this time. I've put off my search for other earbuds in hopes these will be the winners.
Sam Akhtar
Sam Akhtar 2 سنوات قبل
That real-time translation Man!... That feature is lit 🔥
Cinema Forever
Cinema Forever 2 سنوات قبل
I just got my pair yesterday they're incredible
Anusha Tiwari
Anusha Tiwari سنوات قبل
Real time translation features is fantastic
Abhishek Bansal
Abhishek Bansal 2 سنوات قبل
I've been saving up for these since they came out. Finally a worthy competitor to the airpods. Can't wait for them to come out. Out of all the other disappointing junk you released this year Google (looking at you Pixel 4), why do we have to wait until the end of Jan 2020 to get these!!? Please release them earlier!
Nahom Belihu
Nahom Belihu 2 سنوات قبل
If its showing you how good the audio quality is, that just proves that your speakers and headphones are much better
Jygge 2 سنوات قبل
When I heard it is going to be on the market in 2020 My heart went Boom Boom Boom.
merit osagie
merit osagie 2 سنوات قبل
Syafiqur Rahman 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sei Ohira
Sei Ohira 2 سنوات قبل
This one got me...
nothing to see here
nothing to see here 2 سنوات قبل
Syafiqur Rahman
Syafiqur Rahman 2 سنوات قبل
@58bobby 2
Syafiqur Rahman
Syafiqur Rahman 2 سنوات قبل
@merit osagie !
Christian Segarra Rios
Christian Segarra Rios 2 سنوات قبل
This might be the product that gets me into the google ecosystem. I'm praying the sound quality and fit are good, everything else is secondary for me.
Harshit Sinha
Harshit Sinha 2 سنوات قبل
When google put their hands into something they make sure to completely rock the category.
R.E. Leemor Houseband
R.E. Leemor Houseband 2 سنوات قبل
I want those! Where can I buy them???! I love the translation option! Brilliant! :)
Sohan Surag
Sohan Surag 18 أيام قبل
Got mine yesterday and loving it so far
BMB Dan 2 سنوات قبل
*Imagine being so cool you wear mentos in your ears.*
Vermillion Clouds
Vermillion Clouds 10 أيام قبل
This comment DID NOT age well
Guido Salducci
Guido Salducci 13 أيام قبل
@Xendy I'm dead
Kyle Sprite
Kyle Sprite سنوات قبل
@Amathis - tic tac are better then mentos either way
argenis gonzalez
argenis gonzalez سنوات قبل
Hekka 2 سنوات قبل
Bruh whats wrong witchu
Bruh whats wrong witchu 2 سنوات قبل
the one feature that amazes me the most and could be the main selling point of this earbuds is it live translation feature
Sameer Sinha
Sameer Sinha سنوات قبل
Technology is going to next level!
Faizaan 2 سنوات قبل
Me in the library: hEy gOoGle tUrN iT dOwN
Kyle Sprite
Kyle Sprite سنوات قبل
These replies ruin the joke lmao
ItzDylan سنوات قبل
H 2 سنوات قبل
@SFS Central theres no excuse for the pixel buds to be better than the airpods, and vice versa. They are both good
SFS Central
SFS Central 2 سنوات قبل
@H rUdE
Taric Ov
Taric Ov سنوات قبل
seems interesting, can't wait till watch reviews, don't dare imagine I could buy myself a pair just all I can afford watch others wearing them :D
채영 비디오Chaeyoung Videos
채영 비디오Chaeyoung Videos 2 سنوات قبل
I might buy this just for the real time translation
Jesus Verduzco
Jesus Verduzco 2 سنوات قبل
Something else to say, Android in phones other than pixel aren't as good as pixel software is , I got the Pixel buds 2017 and they were just surprising taking about of features, if you try them on a Samsung phone won't give you the same experience, the point is, that you have been taking about the translate app as was the same that the buds will have, the specifications and details are not many on this new Pixel buds, they can be implementing a feature where you give a bud to someone and you keep the other so you both can talk in a real time translation, we will see after the realize in a couple of weeks
Jesus Verduzco
Jesus Verduzco 2 سنوات قبل
And comparing to airpods pro is not a fair comparison, Airpods pro are 250 dolars and these 180, a fair comparison would be comparing them to airpods 2 wireless charging case,
Jesus Verduzco
Jesus Verduzco 2 سنوات قبل
Just as set alarms, remainder,etc
Jesus Verduzco
Jesus Verduzco 2 سنوات قبل
Which make you be able to do simple tasks even when disconnected of your phone
Jesus Verduzco
Jesus Verduzco 2 سنوات قبل
Pixel buds aren't a normal pair of earphones, they have chips built in
Dimitri 2 سنوات قبل
Having that translation perk is really awesome
john karpontinis
john karpontinis سنوات قبل
The translation thing sounds so interesting! To bad I can't afford them :(
Hemanthsai Madala
Hemanthsai Madala سنوات قبل
Real time translations are awesome
Reaz The Traveller
Reaz The Traveller 2 سنوات قبل
wow, It's excellent ❤❤
Vikash S
Vikash S 2 سنوات قبل
Real time translation is 💥
2 سنوات قبل
Its gonna be laggy and incorrect. This is an advertisement. We r not in star treck here guys, this isn't what they say it is
bajabat 2 سنوات قبل
@Sergio Casino search "2 minutes paper translatotron" on youtube and you'll see that this technology is not so futuristic
Konkes 2 سنوات قبل
Vikash S definitely more gimmicky. translation will probably be very unaccurate
Stephanie Bock
Stephanie Bock 2 سنوات قبل
@Alex Lockley google translate is amazing for translating texts. Its shit with translating words and small sentences. I use it for research, where I translate it from english to german and I can say even the most scientific (chemistry in my case) paper was translated to perfect german. People just translating a few words and say it's shit. Nah its just not made for words.
Seth Rotherforth
Seth Rotherforth 2 سنوات قبل
Yeah it's not gonna be perfect at the beginning, but it can only get better, right?
Susana O.
Susana O. 2 سنوات قبل
Me encanta
Karthick Rajan
Karthick Rajan 2 سنوات قبل
Apple and Google are truly improvising on their own way instead of copying.. healthy competitors
Hamza Asif
Hamza Asif 2 سنوات قبل
That Translation Feature is Awesome.
Ben 2 سنوات قبل
Google has to be my favorite company
MohdRaza Zaidi
MohdRaza Zaidi 2 سنوات قبل
Let's take a moment to appreciate google for not Disabling the comments as Apple do in their every video 😂😂😂 Edit - Omg 1.3K likes on my comment, You guys are great 😎✌️
Robert Barack
Robert Barack 2 سنوات قبل
Nice one
veipunii lana
veipunii lana 2 سنوات قبل
We can find good neme in the comment 😁
Wolf 2 سنوات قبل
People will kill apple in comments that's why they disable it
UltimateDragonX 2 سنوات قبل
They're afraid to be criticized
ROHIT K سنوات قبل
Google is way ahead than apple. Real time translation is the next level , need to see how effective it is.
Robert Bobby Gonzalez
Robert Bobby Gonzalez 2 سنوات قبل
Google should hire me to test it. I've been through a dozen wireless earbuds so for and none of them have worked for me except the Jabra 75t.
Tony Romero
Tony Romero 2 سنوات قبل
Real time translation ?wow!
Joshua Caballero
Joshua Caballero 2 سنوات قبل
They had me at realtime translation 🙃
李軒豪 2 سنوات قبل
Wow that sounds perfect
Mason Mead
Mason Mead 2 سنوات قبل
I’m an Apple guy, I have an iPhone and AirPods Pro, etc. but I use google home to control my house, these actually look really good, especially that real-time translation feature
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar 2 سنوات قبل
Well the video is amazing, if it works like as it's shown even better 😊✌
Rishikesh 2 سنوات قبل
Best feature is real time translation 😍😍😍😍
Amanda Saechao
Amanda Saechao 2 سنوات قبل
Being part of this was amazing! Thank you for the experience and I’m so excited for what’s to come! 🤗
R.Mikhail 2 سنوات قبل
@Amanda Saechao congratulations! So what are the perks of doing that to get a free pair of headphones when they release?
Amanda Saechao
Amanda Saechao 2 سنوات قبل
R.Mikhail Yep!! That’s me!! 🤗
R.Mikhail 2 سنوات قبل
What do you mean, is that you at 0:17?
Rita Sd 13 2006
Rita Sd 13 2006 2 سنوات قبل
I love them I want one
Cynthi🦋 11 أشهر قبل
Real time translation?!😃 Then no matter how broke I am.... I'm gonna definitely buy these
Myles G
Myles G سنوات قبل
It'd be great if they would actually stay connected when I put my phone in my pocket. Never had bluetooth headphones have such a poor connection to my phone.
Tenzin 2 سنوات قبل
Creative ad, Loved it !
Sedew 2 سنوات قبل
Yeah, Google you’re smart: recommending me this just after the announcement of the AirPods Pro
5-MeO-DMT 2 سنوات قبل
Yeah, recommending me this just after I bought the AirPods Pro.
H0BO HUNTER 2 سنوات قبل
the new airpods look like garbage
Bjc71 2 سنوات قبل
Everyone’s got there opinion That’s why i have the AirPods pros
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 2 سنوات قبل
Naza Even Bose are overpriced. That too which are not ANC enabled.
Avoumen 2 سنوات قبل
Topzilla سنوات قبل
Amazing! 😎
Carl Thorman
Carl Thorman 2 سنوات قبل
When will they be released?? Such a tease to announce them with the Pixel 4 when they aren't ready. Come on!
Raamtejas Gudas
Raamtejas Gudas 2 سنوات قبل
Love it
Chaos Valr
Chaos Valr سنوات قبل
OwO I love how Google is formed in its own way. Beautiful quality and the best performance. I had androids all my life and I still love androids.
Zayn سنوات قبل
Welcome to the club , but no Pixel flagship available here ,
Shubh kala
Shubh kala سنوات قبل
It's crazy awesome
Purva Pawar
Purva Pawar 2 سنوات قبل
Real time translation!??? Apple could never!!!
Ayaan kazi
Ayaan kazi 2 سنوات قبل
Technology is incredible
Jacob. 2 سنوات قبل
I would love to have the side of head be a presentation board!
Josh Stoloff
Josh Stoloff 2 سنوات قبل
Um Sir, you have a mento in your ear Nah, these are just my Pixel Buds
ruveyda celik
ruveyda celik 2 سنوات قبل
Josh Stoloff
Josh Stoloff 2 سنوات قبل
Wow, thanks everyone for 4.1k likes! :)
Luka modric10
Luka modric10 2 سنوات قبل
Le 2 سنوات قبل
@laveras airpods looks more like cigarettes
k6rim 2 سنوات قبل
Damn I needed to write this
The Rogue
The Rogue 2 سنوات قبل
I was about to buy the echo buds, but this video changed my mind
Yash Bansal
Yash Bansal 2 سنوات قبل
Watch this video again after buying those ear buds 😎
Aidan Fleming
Aidan Fleming 2 سنوات قبل
These have to drop soon! It's been 5/6 months of absolutely no news from Google.
- Suprxme
- Suprxme 2 سنوات قبل
Honestly, it looks like I would be walking around with a very huge pill in my ear 😂😂😂
Sugarkiddo03 2 سنوات قبل
imagine seeing your daughter eating this looks like a MENTOS.
50 shades of depression
50 shades of depression 2 سنوات قبل
Then you open her and get those expensive stuff out of her body
Gaffein 2 سنوات قبل
@LynchX your what
abhishek thakur
abhishek thakur 2 سنوات قبل
Then your heart will go boom boom boom
Synthesz 2 سنوات قبل
Teacher: Shhhhh... Students:............ *Also students: (bum bum bum)*
Trevin Raj
Trevin Raj 2 سنوات قبل
Who is excited for the release after the launch of the app?
Александр Ким
Александр Ким 2 سنوات قبل
Looks more pretty and functionally than airpods.
MaRa 2 سنوات قبل
I mean the real time translation sounds great
Dumb 2 سنوات قبل
That looks like a hearing aid.
035 Mohammad Adnan
035 Mohammad Adnan 2 سنوات قبل
People: what's the price Google: Exactly. (Boom boom boom)
Mr. Legend ⚡
Mr. Legend ⚡ سنوات قبل
Ehh ivideyum malayaliyo😂😂😂
Tech Sauce
Tech Sauce سنوات قبل
Dox 2 سنوات قبل
its 179 bucks chill
BUKSER YT 2 سنوات قبل
The Price go boom boom boom
SFS Central
SFS Central 2 سنوات قبل
@IceHot 900 no
Sam King
Sam King 2 سنوات قبل
If it adapts to where you are in terms of sound are you able to turn it up manually?
TheCR04 2 سنوات قبل
Real time translations wow
hifaz 2 سنوات قبل
I need this in my life :'(
The Normal One
The Normal One 2 سنوات قبل
How would people dislike this? 😂 It's not even out yet, and considering its from Google, then we can surely bet on its quality. Apple fan boys sick in the head
nwike ndulue
nwike ndulue 2 سنوات قبل
When I heard the price My wallet went Boom boom boom !!!
Bogdan 2 سنوات قبل
Say that to new Airpods Pro
Mindo 2 سنوات قبل
For how little less it costs, I'd rather just get Airpods
Shubham 2 سنوات قبل
Zoom zoom zoom
Liam Korol
Liam Korol 2 سنوات قبل
@TheDoctor50 And the Air Pods Pro are 250!
mohammed ali tarek
mohammed ali tarek 2 سنوات قبل
Boom boom chao
Matthew Costa
Matthew Costa 2 سنوات قبل
Video: Hey google, turn it up. My google home: ItS aT tHe HiGhEsT VoLuMe
John سنوات قبل
Sylvie Hathaway
Sylvie Hathaway سنوات قبل
I'm watching this a year after it came out with my Pixel Buds
The Life's Way
The Life's Way سنوات قبل
Missing all these Google Products since my brother left the company as earlier I used to get all the products from him! #TheLifesWay
Bence سنوات قبل
Am I the only one that frequently listens to this song with my Pixel Buds? Is it just me?
ReM[i]X 2 سنوات قبل
Not going to lie, they look the best for sure
Rare 46
Rare 46 سنوات قبل
Real-time translation,. Cutting edge, 🚀⚡
ZYPH3R سنوات قبل
Coolest product ever award goes to
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