Pixel 3 Night Sight - Behind the Scenes

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Made by Google

Made by Google

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Watch the behind the scenes and see how Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature stands out in low lighting compared to Phone X.
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Phone Battles
Phone Battles 3 سنوات قبل
The Pixel series doesn't have very high ISO ratings, so the software behind Night Sight is extremely impressive. Personally it's my favorite phone for taking very low light photography.
ONYX 5 أشهر قبل
hey my pixel 3xl cannot add esim???
Lil Dude
Lil Dude 2 سنوات قبل
onlyfor games
onlyfor games 3 سنوات قبل
is there any vedio between sony xperia manual camera vs google night sight?
Nicetea Wizzy
Nicetea Wizzy 3 سنوات قبل
You want people to sell their kidneys for this phone??
Sagar Gujarathi
Sagar Gujarathi 3 سنوات قبل
Recently I've observed in gg Google photos that i got an option to improve light. That's amazing feature.
Maycon Botelho
Maycon Botelho 3 سنوات قبل
Impressionante essas câmeras!😍
Kushen Lahiru
Kushen Lahiru 3 سنوات قبل
No one can challenge to google's algorithms.. Thumbs up team pixel👍👍
vacationboyvideos 2 سنوات قبل
@Dunhill xXx21 Samsung is close but not as good...iPhone...yew better
vacationboyvideos 2 سنوات قبل
iPhone 11pro max can
Dunhill xXx21
Dunhill xXx21 2 سنوات قبل
Haha iPhone and Samsung did.. Look at Samsung Note 10 and iPhone 11 pro..
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 3 سنوات قبل
Samsung recently did
Wihanga Sathsara
Wihanga Sathsara 3 سنوات قبل
Sony hold my beer
Great Northwest
Great Northwest 3 سنوات قبل
Hey Google I'd buy the phone if you include a full version of this song
Ender Shard
Ender Shard 3 سنوات قبل
@Charles Campuz it's all there is that I can find
Charles Campuz
Charles Campuz 3 سنوات قبل
Ender Shard Not the full version, that’s just a mock up.
Ender Shard
Ender Shard 3 سنوات قبل
@TheNodrokov yeah, it's a killer track, shame it doesn't exist elsewhere
TheNodrokov 3 سنوات قبل
@Ender Shard ah rip, thanks tho man. Really wish google would give us some more to go off of.
Ender Shard
Ender Shard 3 سنوات قبل
@TheNodrokov I think it was made just for this, that's all you're gonna get, I looked for a better version but that's what the comments say on that, have a look
Cooper C
Cooper C 3 سنوات قبل
Google's night sight is fantastic. Hands down! Love Pixel 3 XL
Casey 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 2XL camera is amazing. Hands down has beaten iPhone with pictures. Apple is going to have to step up their game on the cameras.
David Kasradze
David Kasradze 3 سنوات قبل
Camera not much diferense in day situations,night pixel is better, iPhone video raping pixel by miles.
αωєѕσмєGαмєρlαуѕ&мαѕ 3 سنوات قبل
Yes is amazing
星白 閑
星白 閑 3 سنوات قبل
@Casey even Nexus 6p beat apple.
Casey 3 سنوات قبل
@Nikhil Kudale You may be right. For me, the battery life is the best battery life I've ever had on an Android phone. Even after having my 2XL for a year, the battery has not deteriorated in life whatsoever. I don't know how iPhones handle battery life, but for me, camera, battery, and fluidity with how it works are what sold me on it. In my mind, the Pixel phones are the "iPhones" of Android. It'll be interesting to see if Apple does come out with a "night sight" now to compete. Again, I think the iOS and Android is more of a user preference rather than which is better.
Nikhil Kudale
Nikhil Kudale 3 سنوات قبل
@Casey If Apple comes up with a Night Sight feature.. it will be a hard time for Pixel to stand out. I know Pixel Phone's only because of their good camera. That's their only selling point.
Andres Pinocho
Andres Pinocho 5 أشهر قبل
Es sorprendente como el Pixel 3 sigue estando a la altura de muchas cámaras de celulares del 2022, simplemente magnifico.
Matt Johnstonz
Matt Johnstonz 10 أشهر قبل
Amazing processing and software, but as a pixel user, its just long exposure photography. Google was just the first to finally do it. I still use it all the time w my pixel but other companies have their own versions now that are getting good but not as good
Dhiman Deka
Dhiman Deka 3 سنوات قبل
I have an idea🤔 We should use pixel 3 camera instead of CCTV. 🔥
Henry Laxative
Henry Laxative 3 سنوات قبل
Yo chill
PK 3 سنوات قبل
What an idea
Agus Stiawan
Agus Stiawan 3 سنوات قبل
Thats right dude u can try it hhaha
Atlacy 3 سنوات قبل
@niyaz ahamed "unlimited" means 3.5 TB as stated in the small text in every add.
SuBhAm DHAR 3 سنوات قبل
80000 rupees cctv
soy Boy
soy Boy 3 سنوات قبل
Why are all the Pixel ads such bangers
ascenduwu 3 سنوات قبل
Yeah innit
Tom Windeknecht
Tom Windeknecht 3 سنوات قبل
This is RAD!!!! I love the Night Sight feature on my Pixel 3. Seeing the behind-the-scenes on how this was done is so cool!
Omar Abid
Omar Abid 3 سنوات قبل
Just installed pixel camera in my Note 8. Works perfectly 👍 and much better than stock camera.
Gonçalo Garcia
Gonçalo Garcia 3 سنوات قبل
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 a Google prova que os smartphones não precisam ter mais de 1 câmera 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
LengkapGan 3 سنوات قبل
Night Sight is on point 🔥 kudos to developer who made it to another phone so we can get a good decent night shot for less money, notch and more jack.
Boreal Fox
Boreal Fox 3 سنوات قبل
The smartphone of my dreams. 😭😍
Tanmay Fadnis
Tanmay Fadnis 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 2 XL with night sight is also amazing.
chris ferebee
chris ferebee 3 سنوات قبل
Having the Google Pixel 2 XL and Iphone XS Max, I can say that my Pixel 2 XL absolutely destroys my XS Max as far a photo quality in any light
Alejandro Enríquez
Alejandro Enríquez 3 سنوات قبل
I do love my pixel 3 xl for photography, but there is room for improvement in video, iPhones are better at this. I hope Google improves this area in the next pixel iterations.
Prima Mahardika
Prima Mahardika 3 سنوات قبل
No retouch, no competition, no questions this is the best smartphone camera right now
Sufi 2 سنوات قبل
i downloaded gcam camera 7.0 for my pixel 2. the potrait mode is out of this world .. its super clear and realistic.
sudeep 3 سنوات قبل
Amazing camera of pixel devices very impressive ♥️
Best Guy
Best Guy 3 سنوات قبل
Couldn't care less about the phone, I just need a full song
RoyalCalvin 3 سنوات قبل
Turn it up turn it down light it up again! 🎵🎵🎵 Bring on the night!
iiIcy 3 سنوات قبل
It's called darude sandstorm
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores 3 سنوات قبل
You and I both What’s the name
The Good Son
The Good Son 3 سنوات قبل
she works hard for the money - Donna Summer
jerry 3 سنوات قبل
100 percent i need to hear it tho :D
Utshab Bhusal
Utshab Bhusal 3 سنوات قبل
I use iPhone XS max but also I feel proud to say google has done a great job 👍
bb ww
bb ww 3 سنوات قبل
0:36 I'm a Samsung fan but damn that was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Suraj Gaud
Suraj Gaud 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 3 will be an awesome phone as always but 3rd one got a weird design n notch maybe !! Although its awesome❤
Jiraiya Sama
Jiraiya Sama 3 سنوات قبل
Awesome, one more comparison for you: iPhones are available and sold in much more countries. Does not matter how great the phone is if it simply is not available for people to buy.
Deem 3 سنوات قبل
Can you imagine what monster phones they can create if they up the specs of the hardware
Rio Winaryo
Rio Winaryo 3 سنوات قبل
Absolutely my favourite phone even i don't have the phone. 😁
tony ha
tony ha 3 سنوات قبل
I have a pixel 3 XL. There are other things that are good about it too on top of the camera. The speakers are good!!
Omar Noble
Omar Noble 3 سنوات قبل
Don't be fooled. My nearly two year old OP5 (tbf, it's the 128GB 8GB model and was the fastest phone at the time) is still light years ahead of my P3XL in terms of usability. My Chinese budget brand offshoot phone from 2 years ago is a preferable experience. Let that sink in. If Google wants to be premium, they shouldn't half ass it. 6GB of Ram wasn't a lot to ask for and Android 9's ram management is a nightmare (P3XL does worse in speed tests than P2 did a year ago using nearly the same app set). The reloads will bother you if you owned a recent phone. Further, there's a lack of polish on animations (why is the Google bar overlaying the recent apps when I toggle split screen? Why does activating split screen look so terrible? C'mon, nova launcher does it better...). In conjunction with Android's other issues, I struggle to see why an iPhone user would even consider one. In Google's defense, iOS did have a similar issue with either 10 or 11. iPhone X's were reloading almost the exact same apps the P2 did on Oreo even though it had performed better previously. In short, the same thing is true that we've always known: RAM is one of the most important factors in an Android phone and there still isn't one clear perfect phone. Want to know how much Google cares about their products, look up the Pixel slate, Chromecast audio support, or the myriad of other services and products they abandoned before they should have.
Sean Dylan Valencia
Sean Dylan Valencia 2 أشهر قبل
3 years later the pixel is still a legend
Ahmed_Forever 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 3 have the best camera but the design is so weird but it's amazing
Luciano Roman
Luciano Roman 3 سنوات قبل
I have Oppo Reno 10x zoom but also the Google pixel is very beautiful
Hidayt Rahman
Hidayt Rahman 3 سنوات قبل
Loving pixel 3 camera 🥰
Chris Cheung
Chris Cheung 3 سنوات قبل
Very cool. Just like magic. Google's software adjustment is such great !
Syd K
Syd K 3 سنوات قبل
This is why I love Google and my pixel 3, amazing never going back to iPhone
S Chauhan
S Chauhan 3 سنوات قبل
It's amazing unbelievable unmatchable I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the giant tech Google
Kilo Windows
Kilo Windows 3 سنوات قبل
I have been using pixel 3 for the past month it's awesome....
ANTI Esports
ANTI Esports 3 سنوات قبل
I am a great fan of pixel. I am currently using a pixel experience rom and the features are amazing. Please Google launch your budget pixel 3 lite version soon..
Joker 3 سنوات قبل
Thankyou google. My Poco f1 and Redmi note 5 pro are now the real camera beasts. #Night_Sight.
Jeno Nagy
Jeno Nagy 3 سنوات قبل
It's a very cool feature I don't use it but is good to know is there if needed. Buy the way no worries guys Apple this year will reinvent the iNight Sight how they did the HDR last year on the XS and XR. Ohh it might be ”Smart Night Sight” 😂
FaizHa Aziz
FaizHa Aziz 2 سنوات قبل
Thank you gcam for my Xiaomi Mi 8 😍🤣 It very impressive on night sight
Giovanni Amorim
Giovanni Amorim 3 سنوات قبل
Só falta um investimento em design a câmera é relativamente melhor e o iPhone é com certeza mais bonito!!!
César Situn paniagua
César Situn paniagua 3 سنوات قبل
I have the Google pixel 3 and i love it💙
Priyanjul Johari
Priyanjul Johari 3 سنوات قبل
Hi Cesar, I'm a huge Pixel fan and I'm planning on getting a Pixel 4 for myself once it releases. Can you share your experience that how Pixel is better than other smartphones you've used so far? I know there are review videos on the internet but I prefer asking a user personally for better information. Thanks in advance!
Jose Dejesus
Jose Dejesus 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 3 battery is good, 2 XL battery is freaking phenomenal!!!
YAMRAJ ONLINE 3 سنوات قبل
Zxrif 3 سنوات قبل
gonna keep my 2xl and wait till the 4 comes out
Brijorn 3 سنوات قبل
Vikas Patil Thats dead so don’t try and use it to get attention kiddo
Balaji Gnanaseharan
Balaji Gnanaseharan 3 سنوات قبل
Night mode is awesome on subjects but the skies look a bit bright and nights don't have bright skies
Aadhil Rizwan
Aadhil Rizwan 3 سنوات قبل
Google should up their design game, and also tweak Android for more one handed use just like Samsung did. They should improve on video recording as well.
EVIL KH 3 سنوات قبل
That's how *#GooglePixel3* really works!
Arbaj Khan
Arbaj Khan 3 سنوات قبل
I hope night sights will work for video also in future
Lucas Farias
Lucas Farias 3 سنوات قبل
Congratulations, Google. Now you just need to improve RAM management, processor, OS, microphone, memory, design, display, etc and then you’ll keep up with iPhone. 😂
Radu Andrei Georgescu
Radu Andrei Georgescu 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel 3 xl would be the best phone by far if there wasn't that enormous notch and a pretty big bezzel on bottom.
KusAndro 3 سنوات قبل
Amazing phone.... !! Best low light photos's
RizkyAM 3 سنوات قبل
Thanks to Gcam port, now we can use night sight on any other devices.
Alejandro Rodríguez
Alejandro Rodríguez 3 سنوات قبل
Amazing! Simply amazing 😍
Eden LeBlanc
Eden LeBlanc 3 سنوات قبل
Oh my God, Google! My Heart❤
Robi 3 سنوات قبل
Note 9 is better than iPhone in term of low light shot. You better compare the Pixel with Note.
Tyrone Tuliao
Tyrone Tuliao 3 سنوات قبل
That's a painful notch you got there. Nice phone anyway :^)
KOI 2 سنوات قبل
I want this phone so bad but I'm broke. But still #TeamPixel
Denny Neumann
Denny Neumann 3 سنوات قبل
Nice! 😎 By the way i love my Pixel 3 XL!!! 😍
Shreyas Roge
Shreyas Roge 3 سنوات قبل
The thing is, You can compare Google to Apple. But you can never compare Apple with anyone. ✨
Franco Calaramo
Franco Calaramo 3 سنوات قبل
Im an apple fan so I have the XS MAX and while i was deciding which one to get between xs max and google pixel 3 xl it hinders me to get the pixel cos of their notch design, that is too much in your face but now after seeing this video i think i want to get the pixel 3 xl ☹️
Freedom Of Motion
Freedom Of Motion 3 سنوات قبل
Works great on my mi mix 3 as well. Google you should release your own camera software on the play store. Join forces with the folks on xda to create better photography for all Android users. Not just pixel owners.
Navi Imandiv
Navi Imandiv سنوات قبل
Nope it shouldn't be. Google is more restricting gcam ports with android 11,12 and google camera 8.2
L.S.C.A 3 سنوات قبل
I like how google compare them with Apple every spec's except privacy.
Naushin Khan
Naushin Khan 3 سنوات قبل
It's no brainer that they chose a high neon like setting knowing pixel 3 does oversaturate photos a bit in low light
Kav 3 سنوات قبل
Excellent software now make good hardware 🖤
TheJuicmanIsBak 3 سنوات قبل
All you guys gotta do is get a screen on par with the recent Samsungs (S9) and you'll be set 👌🏽 love my Pixel 3XL
Stella Rose
Stella Rose 3 سنوات قبل
Anyone thinking about buying pixel, do it. I love mine and they have a really good warranty and customer support. My first pixel had a software malfunction, and they upgraded me to a pixel 2. I also got a free Google home and some headphones. So far, no problems and everything runs smoothly.
_miyahh_xo 3 سنوات قبل
Stella Rose omg thanks!! I was debating if I want to get one and now I’m moving closer and closer to asking my mom for one!! Hopefully it worth it!
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh 3 سنوات قبل
Seeing this on my phone X and I have never felt this humiliated in my life 🤣
NOOR MOHAMED⚡ 3 سنوات قبل
We Will Rock you #TeamPixel I Love pixel3xl I Love pixel3xl ui I Love poxel3xl camera My dream mobile in 2k18&2k19
Saurav Raj
Saurav Raj 3 سنوات قبل
Pixel doing some kind of magic spell on it.
Samuel D
Samuel D 3 سنوات قبل
Only if I could of afforded the Pixel 3 hands down I would of bought it
Mebiamiu 3 سنوات قبل
Can anyone try and do a remix of this? This beat is beyond fire and I love it, i'm almost for sure you'll get views this sounds sick. So if anyone's looking for content ideas, this is perfect.
Halil İbrahim Kuş
Halil İbrahim Kuş 3 سنوات قبل
Software is amazing thank u Google 🥰🥰
Jeffinho Marques
Jeffinho Marques 3 سنوات قبل
Pena q não venda no BR!!!
Karan Yadav
Karan Yadav 3 سنوات قبل
Very good phone only in terms on camera Stock android should be like OnePlus oxygen os, same performance and charging like OnePlus phones, and boom it will rock on , rule over every single phone
Dante 3 سنوات قبل
Remember when google didn’t even make phones wired knowing there was a time before google pixel
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Prasad 2 سنوات قبل
Me: it is always night Google: take pixel 3 and make the night into day
KINJOL ROY 3 سنوات قبل
The pixel 3 is awesome but the big notch really not my Type
pete sims
pete sims 3 سنوات قبل
Photos are great, just wish my speakers didn't distort at low volume
Saurav Bairagi
Saurav Bairagi 3 سنوات قبل
Almost nothing can beat the Google camera in auto mode
Roald & Chantella Perez
Roald & Chantella Perez 3 سنوات قبل
I wonder or Apple is going to do some serious Camera software updates as well, or going to stick on this Grainy lookin photos once there is no natural light present anymore. I love IOS a hundred procent over Android but they lack certain camera updates I’ve experienced on the google pixel 2 xl
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